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Monterey Dive Reports is a site for Northern California SCUBA divers. If you've ever had trouble interpreting the swell model, asked a group of exiting divers about visibility, or just want more resources to find the best spot, then this site was built for you.

Monterey Dive Reports lists key information about conditions by real divers, not instruments. If you think this is useful, please take a minute and enter your own dive reports when you get out of the water. We make it super simple to quickly add as little, or as much, information as you want.

Most Active DiversBest Reported VisibilityMost Popular Dive Spots
1) Dave Baessler1) Point Lobos - Cannery Point Wall1) Breakwater - Wall
2) Aaron2) Mono-Lobo Wall2) Breakwater
3) Homer3) Butterfly House3) Monastery Beach - North
4) Marty4) Ball-Buster4) Monastery Beach - South
5) Lisa5) Monastery Beach - North5) Breakwater - Metridium Fields
6) ken loomis6) Point Lobos - Whaler's Middle Reef6) Point Joe
7) mike davis7) Monastery Beach - South7) Butterfly House
8) Christophe Beraud8) Point Joe8) Hopkins Reef
9) Adelaars9) Point Lobos - Whaler's Cove9) Coral Street
10) bill morgan10) Cypress Point10) Macabee Beach

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