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Dive DateSiteVisibilityEntry/Exit WavesSurgeTemperatureCurrentDiverNotes
5/6/2019Point JoeNone - Less than 5 feetBoat DiveLow - Barely noticeable52Low - Barely noticeableHomerCould only see about two feet if that mite have been the minus tide, only made one dive today.View
4/29/2019Point JoeLow - 5 to 10 feetBoat DiveMedium - Notable, but divable53Low - Barely noticeableHomerFirst and only dive today conditions not good raining rough water on surface visibility really poor, barley see five feet dark at bottom.View
4/22/2019Stillwater CoveAverage - 15 to 20 feetBoat DiveNone53NoneHomerNice easy conditions get here by boat lots of confuse Pacific Ocean some fog kind of patch overall good dives here.View
4/15/2019Point JoeMediocre - 10 to 15 feetBoat DiveMedium - Notable, but divable51Low - Barely noticeableHomerThis was our second dive poor barley see your hand this was very short dive.View
4/15/2019Lingcod ReefGood - 20 to 30 feetBoat DiveNone52Low - Barely noticeableHomerNice conditions back here great visibility not very many fish even looking in the rocks great dive.View

Whaler's Cove at Point Lobos