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Dive DateSiteVisibilityEntry/Exit WavesSurgeTemperatureCurrentDiverNotes
2/19/2020Point JoeGood - 20 to 30 feetBoat DiveLow - Barely noticeable50NoneHomerThis was are second stop not as nice as the wall but still great spot .View
2/19/2020Stillwater CoveVery Good - 30 to 40 feetBoat DiveNone51NoneHomerAt Dali's Wall went out to about seventy five feet on this wall there are several places have swim throughout this was are firs stop great time. View
2/5/2020Point JoeAverage - 15 to 20 feetBoat DiveMedium - Notable, but divable52Medium - Notable, but divableHomerThis our second dive today way busy here down the south side, quite bit broken kelp here not very many fish at all, two good dives todayView
2/5/2020Stillwater CoveGood - 20 to 30 feetBoat DiveMedium - Notable, but divable51Low - Barely noticeableHomerThis was our first dive on Dali's Wall lots of small crabs on the ledges only saw couple of orange rock fish, nice dive here today.View
1/20/2020Chase ReefAverage - 15 to 20 feetBoat DiveMedium - Notable, but divable50Low - Barely noticeableHomerOur second dive on outer Chase reef lots of rock fish here down hiding under the big rocks i wonder why couple of Ling-cod as well had two good dives today before next storm comes.View
1/20/2020Stillwater CoveGood - 20 to 30 feetBoat DiveMedium - Notable, but divable49Low - Barely noticeableHomerOur first dive today is Dali's Wall saw couple eel's, on one of the lower ledges some rock fish, couple sheep head as well all fish here are small nothing large at all, great dive here.View
1/15/2020Aquarium ReefAverage - 15 to 20 feetBoat DiveLow - Barely noticeable52Low - Barely noticeableHomerNice easy dive here at the Aquarium reef some Ling-cod not much else saw the intakes for the aquarium lots of fish a couple noise seals nice dive. View
1/8/2020Other - UnlistedGood - 20 to 30 feetBoat DiveMedium - Notable, but divable49Low - Barely noticeableHomerAt the Anchor Farm was down to 94' good clear water here quit a few Cabazon camping down here near the anchor chain couple of Lincod and several rock fish hear as well, real nice dive here todayView
12/31/2019Breakwater - WallLow - 5 to 10 feetModerate - Walk in and outLow - Barely noticeable50Medium - Notable, but divableHomerThis was a night dive at the breakwater wall went in 23:45 out 00:35 great time my buddy and Homer!View
12/30/2019Point JoeAverage - 15 to 20 feetBoat DiveMedium - Notable, but divable51Medium - Notable, but divableHomerThis was are second dive down to 65 feet south side of the point some rock fish not much else nice dive today really enjoy this area.View
12/30/2019Pescadero PointAverage - 15 to 20 feetBoat DiveLow - Barely noticeable51Low - Barely noticeableHomerBeautiful dive today lots of small rock fish, couple friendly seals great dive are first of the day.View

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