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Dive DateSiteVisibilityEntry/Exit WavesSurgeTemperatureCurrentDiverNotes
8/20/2019Point JoeAverage - 15 to 20 feetBoat DiveNone52Low - Barely noticeableHomerOur second dive like nnight and day from around the corner visibility near rocks south side was 20 feet north side maybe 10 to 14 feet very odd conditions north of the point anchor right in middle between the two sides. All the fish here but no Sheep...View
8/19/2019Pescadero PointGood - 20 to 30 feetBoat DiveNone52Low - Barely noticeableHomerThis was our first scuba dive here very early in morning heavy foggy conditions put strobe light on the boat about 100 feet surface visibility here several large lingcod, couple of Cabizona several Sheephead. Great conditions smooth water great visib...View
8/12/2019Point JoeAverage - 15 to 20 feetBoat DiveNone53Medium - Notable, but divableHomerHere are again at one of my favor places to dive conditions are outstanding quite a few Sheephead here must be waremer water than has been recently, both of us had great dives today.View
8/12/2019Lingcod ReefGood - 20 to 30 feetBoat DiveLow - Barely noticeable54NoneHomerThis was our first dive today nice clear water smooth Pacific Ocean some fog early morning this reef system here has fish everywhere great time here this morning.View
8/5/2019Chase ReefGood - 20 to 30 feetBoat DiveLow - Barely noticeable52NoneHomerThis was our second dive on Outer Chase Reef really good here as well, had great time.View
8/5/2019Pescadero PointVery Good - 30 to 40 feetBoat DiveNone54Low - Barely noticeableHomerGreat visibility best conditions possible in while must be the foggy weather helping here this was our first dive today.View
7/29/2019Point JoeAverage - 15 to 20 feetBoat DiveHigh - Difficult to dive54Low - Barely noticeableHomerThis was our second dive there was no big fish here the seals were here quite a few rock fish here, had to good dives today.View
7/29/2019Lingcod ReefAverage - 15 to 20 feetBoat DiveMedium - Notable, but divable53Low - Barely noticeableHomerThere was some rather large Salmon hanging out here down about seventy five feet couple Lincod as well.View
7/22/2019Point JoeLow - 5 to 10 feetBoat DiveLow - Barely noticeable52Medium - Notable, but divableHomerThis was our next stop one of my favor places but visibility was worse here as closer to the bottom the water was green in color, with this condition made our dive in fifty feet south of the point, nice day if you love fog!View
7/22/2019Lingcod ReefMediocre - 10 to 15 feetBoat DiveNone53Low - Barely noticeableHomerThis was our first dive today very foggy here as well visibility down to eighty feet was ten feet maxium, could barely make out was is here plow into the rocks due bad conditions.View
7/15/2019Point JoeAverage - 15 to 20 feetBoat DiveLow - Barely noticeable52NoneHomerThis was are second dive only fifty-five feet saw just few lincod's and that was all some Perch here as well.View
7/15/2019Yankee PointAverage - 15 to 20 feetBoat DiveLow - Barely noticeable54NoneHomerThis is pretty good spot south of the point very foggey conditions here had to be careful where boat is at after going down to about seventy-five feet, plenty Lincod here some Cabzon and couple Sheeped here as well, good place be coming here again. U...View
7/9/2019Point JoeAverage - 15 to 20 feetBoat DiveLow - Barely noticeable53NoneHomerThis was our second dive today conditions here not as good of visibility as cxould have been dove on the south side of the Point Joe, nice day for diving.View
7/8/2019Inner PinnaclesGood - 20 to 30 feetBoat DiveNone53Low - Barely noticeableHomerThe kelp here is quite thick some black-blues as well down 85 feet several very large linkcod no spear gun great dive out here.View
7/8/2019Lover's Point 3Low - 5 to 10 feetLow - Easy entryMedium - Notable, but divable50Low - Barely noticeableotag6A company car gettotube Spieth was just starting his sophomore year at Texas a year ago when he decided to turn pro at the end of 2012, even though he failed to get out of the second stage of PGA Tour qualifying and was not...View
7/8/2019Moss CoveFantastic - 50 to 75 feetLow - Easy entryMedium - Notable, but divable50High - Difficult to divesdeluoI'm sorry, he's videos xnxx Taiwan is transitioning from a conscripted military force to an all-volunteer army. Its goal of completing the transition by 2015 appears unlikely from initial indications because of continuing difficul...View
7/8/2019BreakwaterAverage - 15 to 20 feetLow - Easy entryLow - Barely noticeable50High - Difficult to diveeh6IaXI work for myself Beeg “I definitely think there is an evolutionary outcome,” Wall-Scheffler said. “Whether or not selection has acted on this behavior so that we still see it among men today -- I don’t kn...View
7/8/2019BreakwaterAverage - 15 to 20 feetLow - Easy entryLow - Barely noticeable50High - Difficult to divemik08eIs it convenient to talk at the moment? rokettube The euro was down 0.1 percent at 133.07 yen, butwas still close to the intra-day high of 133.375 yen and withinsight of 133.82 yen hit in May, which would be its highest sinceJ...View
7/7/2019Breakwater - PipesVery Good - 30 to 40 feetVery High - UnsafeNone50Low - Barely noticeableM8ALwI'd like to withdraw $100, please tube8 The researchers say their design is simple enough that an ordinary carpenter can make it, and suggest the concept could even be used to allow owners of homes by the sea to hear the sound of...View
7/1/2019Chase ReefMediocre - 10 to 15 feetBoat DiveLow - Barely noticeable53Medium - Notable, but divableHomerThis was our second dive visibilty not any better here either had two good dives today.View
7/1/2019Point JoeMediocre - 10 to 15 feetBoat DiveMedium - Notable, but divable54Low - Barely noticeableHomerThis was are first dive today not the best visibility but still is a great dive spot, we dove the south side of the point.View
6/30/2019Sand Dollar BeachGreat - 40 to 50 feetVery High - UnsafeNone50Medium - Notable, but divableh5u5pdI wanted to live abroad keandra porn And Ryckman should know. As author of "Stiletto Network: Inside the Women's Power Circles That Are Changing the Face of Business," she spoke with literally thousands of women about a ground...View
6/30/2019Copper Roof HouseFantastic - 50 to 75 feetVery High - UnsafeLow - Barely noticeable50High - Difficult to diveErpjvmHow do you spell that? beeg hd Data next week include Chicago PMI and the Dallas FedManufacturing Survey, due on Monday. The Institute for SupplyManagement manufacturing and construction spending reports aredue on Tuesday, follow...View
6/30/2019Cape San MartinNone - Less than 5 feetVery High - UnsafeNone50High - Difficult to divezSYoLGloomy tales xvideos japanese In theory, Aireal could be used to create more enhanced environments, whether the machine is used in tandem with virtual reality systems, gaming systems or while simply watching a video. By pulsin...View
6/30/2019Cape San MartinNone - Less than 5 feetVery High - UnsafeNone50High - Difficult to dive5TYHUPI'm on business ghettoporn ** Croatia aims to sell up to a 49 percent stake in troublednational flag carrier Croatia Airlines and will testinvestor appetite with a preliminary tender by mid-October, thetransport ministry s...View
6/29/2019Outer PinnaclesLow - 5 to 10 feetHigh - Crawl in or outNone50Medium - Notable, but divablejxyzj4Where do you live? egotastic all-stars photos Almost 25 years after his defining disgrace, Johnson remains a darkly compelling figure. He will mark the anniversary on Sept 24 not by withdrawing into hiding but with a visit t...View
6/24/2019Point JoeAverage - 15 to 20 feetBoat DiveNone54NoneHomerThis was are second dive location visibility wasn't not as good still had great time here today.View
6/24/2019Pescadero PointGood - 20 to 30 feetBoat DiveNone54Low - Barely noticeableHomerGreat diving conditions here this morning nice easy dive quite a few blue black fish like had to push out of the way, all were about four to fiv inches.View

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