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Dive DateSiteVisibilityEntry/Exit WavesSurgeTemperatureCurrentDiverNotes
6/5/2020Point PinosAverage - 15 to 20 feetLow - Easy entryLow - Barely noticeable58Low - Barely noticeableHomerThis are first dive since early March, this morning was a minus tide was surprise how clear even as we move out on the south side of the Point plenty of small fish, quite a few blue blacks, couple sheep head and cabazon here as well our max depth tod...View
5/29/2020Inner PinnaclesNot observedModerate - Walk in and outNot observed50Not observedTompsonView
5/29/2020SS VenturaNot observedHigh - Crawl in or outNot observed50Not observedMouldsView
5/24/2020Point Lobos - Coal Chute CoveNot observedVery High - UnsafeNot observed50Not observedPhilpottView
5/24/2020Hopkins ReefNot observedModerate - Walk in and outNot observed50Not observedJephcottView
5/16/2020East PinnacleNot observedModerate - Walk in and outNot observed50Not observedFenstermacherView
5/2/2020BreakwaterLow - 5 to 10 feetLow - Easy entryNone53Low - Barely noticeableGreg Millerlots of seals, depth to 45", viz never got better. weather was great; anytime in the water is a good day.. butterfly house wave action moderate, swells comming straight in.View
4/29/2020Outer PinnaclesNot observedHigh - Crawl in or outNot observed50Not observedMatherView

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